Hotels Vs Hostels

Why is better a hostel than a hotel?


Have you never been to a shelter? Are you one of those who still think that is an accommodation for homeless people? Join in and discover a new way of Low Cost accommodation without sacrificing comfort, you will be surprised.


Hostels are cheap. Think what you save and cultural fun in hostels.


The hostels are located in major natural environments or in places away from the tourist attractions near the city.


In hostels you are open-minded travelers, as they were created for independent travelers like you, in hotels is difficult to interact with people.


Hostels are better for group travel, allowing you a more similar coexistence which has a family at home, the cohesion of a sports team and the fun of a group of friends.


The common areas of the hotel are nice, but impractical and are not meant to enjoy-the. Hostels in public areas, allow you to have fun, meet other travelers, share and save money. (Shared kitchen, laundry, luggage storage, TV, daily activities, games, Bar / Restaurant, etc.)


If you travel to Barcelona to explore the city until the end and you need a good bed and a good shower your best option is a hostel. Why pay for services you do not use?


The activities organized by the hostel or your team of professionals. And extensive information to not miss anything in your destination.


In most hotels, wi-fi is not free and there are no computers for customer use unlike urban shelters.


And last but not least, the reception staff, people like you, multilingual, who love travel and new adventures, and keen to help you to bring out the most of your stay in the city.