What is Grupos Barcelona?

Grupos Barcelona is part of the Rosa dels Vents Group, one of the oldest travel agencies in Catalonia and Spain, founded in 1979. We have been members of ACAV (the Catalan Association of Travel Agencies) since 1979 with licence no. 83 in Catalonia (GC-83), and licence no. 600 in Spain (GAT-600). We are also certified by IATA (International Air Transport Association) with no. 78217425, and have been full members of FIYTO (Federation of International Youth Travel Organisations), now known as WYSE (World Youth Student & Educational Travel Confederation) for over 20 years.

What is a Youth Hostel?

A Youth Hostel is reasonably-priced, good quality accommodation where you can spend a comfortable night in pleasant surroundings. Youth Hostels offer the ideal way of exploring a country on a low budget, and meeting lots of like-minded people, with regard to travelling.

Why is a hostel better than a hotel?

Have you ever stayed in a hostel? Are you one of those people who still think hostels are for the homeless? Well think again, and discover a new form of Low Cost accommodation without relinquishing comfort – you’ll be surprised!
Hostels are reasonably-priced. Think of what you’re saving, and about the cultural fun of staying in hostels.
The hostels are situated in natural areas of great importance or in city centre locations close to tourist attractions.
You’ll find fellow travellers with open minds in hostels, as they were created for independent travellers like you; in hotels, it’s difficult to meet people.
Hostels are the best option when travelling as a group; the atmosphere is similar to living in a family, or the camaraderie of a sports team, or the fun of being in a group of friends.
The public areas of hotels are attractive, but they are impractical and not made for enjoyment. The public areas of hostels let you relax and enjoy yourself, get to know other travellers, share experiences and save money. (Shared kitchen, laundry, luggage storage, tv room, daily activities, games, bar/restaurant, etc.)
If you’re travelling to Barcelona to explore the city in depth and what you need is a comfy bed and a nice shower, your best option is a hostel. Why pay for services you’re not going to use?
The activities available in the hostel or organized by its team of professionals. And the extensive information available so you don’t miss anything in your destination.
In most hotels, wi-fi is not free and there are no computers for guests to use, unlike urban hostels.
And last, but by no means least, are the reception staff – people like you, multilingual, who love travelling and new adventures, and keen to help you get the very most out of your stay in the city.

Are hostels open all day?

Generally, the large urban hostels are open 24/7, but it is possible that some of them may have more restricted opening hours and that they close for a few hours during the day. Most of them are open all year, though some smaller hostels may be seasonal.

Bedrooms and bed linen

Will I have to sleep in a dormitory?

Large dormitories are tending to disappear. Nowadays, many hostels have private rooms with two to four beds, even with private bathrooms – ask when booking.

Do I need to bring my own bed linen?

Usually, hostels supply bed linen, though in some establishments you may need to bring or rent your own sheets, blankets or towels; in many hostels, sleeping bags are not allowed for reasons of hygiene.

Eating and cooking

Is it possible to cook in the hostels?

There is a kitchen for guests’ use in all our urban hostels; find out more before booking. Most of them also serve good, reasonably-priced food in the bar or restaurant.

Other services

What kind of services do hostels offer?

Grupos Barcelona is aware of the importance of quality and service standards for travellers on a limited budget. Most of the rooms have bunk beds and a capacity of 2-8 people. Big dormitories with more beds are tending to be phased out. Normally, the hostel will supply bed linen, though in certain establishments you will need to bring or rent your own sheets. In some hostels the rooms have a private bathroom, while in others you will need to share nearby bathroom facilities. Many hostels have a kitchen for guests’ use and most of them serve meals. Many hostels have additional facilities such as a tv room, library, lounge, laundry service, internet access, swimming pool, sports area, etc.

Do I need to bring towels?

You can either rent them from reception or bring your own towels and whatever bathroom articles you need.

Do I need to help out with domestic tasks?

In most hostels, the most you will be asked to do is bring your used sheets down to reception on your last day, and leave the kitchen clean and tidy after using it.

Is there anywhere safe to leave my belongings?

Most hostels have cupboards with locks or operated by electronic cards. You may have to bring your own padlock. Many hostels are also equipped with a room to store luggage for all kinds of groups.

Do you have to leave/return to the hostel at certain times during your stay?

No, everyone has their own key and can come and go whenever they like.


Do the hostels organise excursions and other activities?

Our hostels offer a wide range of activities – all of them organised by our own personnel. Ask for information when you book, or you will find detailed information at the hostel reception, with useful local and tourist information.

Who stays in hostels

What kind of people use youth hostels?

Grupos Barcelona is open to people of every age group, culture, nationality and interest, whether inexperienced or veteran travellers, and groups of every kind, all of whom receive the same warm welcome at our Youth Hostels. Most people who are unfamiliar with this kind of accommodation are generally pleasantly surprised and keen to repeat the experience.

Are there any age limits?

Youth Hostels are open to every age group. However, it is possible that individual hostels may enforce a minimum age requirement for children in high season.


Can children stay at Youth Hostels?

Children are welcome in the hostels of Grupos Barcelona, but they must be accompanied by an adult. It is important to remember that minors are not allowed to stay in the multiple dormitories without an adult companion.

Disabled guests

What kinds of facilities are available for disabled people?

Many hostels have wheelchair access and more and more of them have specially equipped rooms for disabled guests. We recommend you contact the hostel in question to find out exactly what is available before booking, as some of our establishments are in historical buildings that are difficult to adapt, or we may only have a limited number of rooms.


Can I bring my pet to a Youth Hostel?

Some hostels do allow pets. Check with the establishment in question before you book.